Our brands

  • Nourish


    Nurishh a new plant based range of delicious products. Like you, we are hungry for choices we feel happy about. That´s why we are bringing flavourful variety to your table, with something for everyone. It´s the easy way to Nurishh your family.

  • Karička


    Karička is a traditional and trustworthy brand of processed cheese produced in Slovakia since 1976. The milk used for production is only from Slovak farms and without GMOs *. They have known the typical delicious taste in almost all households in Slovakia for more than 40 years. Today, in addition to Karička processed cheese, our Slovak families can also enjoy new cream spreads and hard cheese slices. Karička helps with the preparation of tasty meals, and at the same time she is inspired by recipes on her website www.receptyzosrdca.sk or on Facebook. * genetically modified organisms

  • Syrokrém


    Syrokrém is a spreadable processed cheese with a long tradition and a typical creamy taste, suitable for spreading but also in a warm kitchen for its practical and larger rectangular shape of the portion itself.