Our brands

  • Nourish


    Nurishh a new plant based range of delicious products. Like you, we are hungry for choices we feel happy about. That´s why we are bringing flavourful variety to your table, with something for everyone. It´s the easy way to Nurishh your family.

  • Karička


    Karička is a traditional and trustworthy brand of processed cheese produced in Slovakia since 1976. The milk used for production is only from Slovak farms and without GMOs *. They have known the typical delicious taste in almost all households in Slovakia for more than 40 years. Today, in addition to Karička processed cheese, our Slovak families can also enjoy new cream spreads and hard cheese slices. Karička helps with the preparation of tasty meals, and at the same time she is inspired by recipes on her website www.receptyzosrdca.sk or on Facebook. * genetically modified organisms

  • Syrokrém


    Syrokrém is a spreadable processed cheese with a long tradition and a typical creamy taste, suitable for spreading but also in a warm kitchen for its practical and larger rectangular shape of the portion itself.

  • Želetava


    Želetava is a traditional Czech brand with a history dating back to 1902, which is known as a producer of processed cheeses from quality ingredients making it a popular delicacy for generations. Their production is carried out with due care by experts who guarantee their quality and taste. It is best enjoyed spread on pastries, or you can use it as a great base for sauces or spreads.

  • Gervais


    Fresh cheese Gervais is made with love of curd and cream. This provides the cheese its creamy consistency and delicious taste. The Gervais cheese is a great choice not only served with a crispy baguette and vegetable but also for hot cuisine. Get inspired on www.gervais.cz

  • Babybel


    Babybel® is a natural cheese without artificial flavors or preservatives. It is high in protein and calcium and is made of 100% Slovak milk in Slovakia. Babybel® is also suitable for people with lactose intolerance (it contains less than 0.01 g of lactose per 100 g of cheese). Thanks to its unique hygienic wax packaging, it is a great and playful snack to be enjoyed not only at home but also at school, work and on trips.
    Babybel® is available in ORIGINAL and PROTEIN variants.

    Babybel® is available in ORIGINAL and PROTEIN variants.

  • Kiri


    The Kiri® brand has long been popular among children as well as adults, it is playful and full of life. Children will enjoy a creamy fresh taste and a unique structure, and adults will also appreciate that their children received cheese full of cottage cheese and cream.

  • Veselá kráva

    Veselá kráva

    “Veselá krava- The Laughing Cow”, is a modern brand of processed cheeses in an iconic round packaging, and it celebrated 100 years in 2021 and, thanks to its delicious taste, it distributes smiles in more than 130 countries around the world.
    “Veselá krava- The Laughing Cow” was born in 1921, when Léon Bel founded the company Bel (Fromageries Bel) and thus created a brand that became the first registered cheese brand with a trademark in France. Three years later, processed cheese was introduced in individually packaged portions, as you know it today.
    “Veselá krava- The Laughing Cow” contains the best of milk and is a favorite snack for the whole family. Spreaded on bread and served with fresh vegetables, it is a good part of a varied and balanced diet, as it is a natural source of calcium and quality protein. “