BEL foundation

For more than 10 years, the Bel Corporate Foundation has been working alongside a variety of partner organizations, well recognized NGOs, and local charities that all share one goal: to provide a sustainable solution to improve children’s nutrition.

The Bel Corporate Foundation has worked for the well-being of children since its creation in 2008. In the past two years, it has focused its efforts on the development of school canteens. As well as their essential role in meeting the basic food needs of a large number of children around the world, canteens are also places for learning, sharing, and growing. Our Foundation’s action supports charities and NGOs that provide specific solutions at a local level. It is thus fully in line with our Group’s mission to champion healthier and more responsible food for all.

The commitment of the Bel Corporate Foundation had particular resonance in 2020, when the world was facing an unprecedented health crisis, that highlighted the social role companies can play. While our top priority has been to protect our ecosystem – especially our employees – the Foundation has continued its engagement alongside its partner charities. In 2020 for example, we were able to support 33 projects, helping thousands of vulnerable children.

In all our subsidiaries, our employees have also carried out solidarity actions which are more necessary than ever. By committing themselves to local charities, they have carried the values of our family business high.


Since 2010, the Bel Corporate Foundation has awarded grants each year to teams of employees seeking to improve the daily lives of the most vulnerable children. To make their projects a reality, employees have the opportunity to request financial support from the Foundation through a call for projects. This program is available to all Group employees around the world. It responds to the specific and particular needs of organizations in a broad variety of local contexts.

In Slovakia, our strategy is based on the active support of local associations and is an integral part of the company’s DNA.

We have been supporting various local associations for many years through the Bel Foundation.

This is how we have long-term cooperation with OZ Rovnocenní from Osadné.

Year 2017: Chance to live without limits, 3,800 EUR

Year 2018: Oxygen therapy to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities, 4,000 EUR

The year 2021 we supported the most vulnerable – our newborns:


With the help of a grant from the Bel Foundation in the amount of EUR 4,680, the civic association Zdravie zemplína n.o. will be able to purchase special breast pumps and other equipment for education and support of proper nutrition.